Update on Atlendis roadmap and progress

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The JellyFi project, led by AAlexisM and funded by Aave Grant DAO, launched an alpha product on the Kovan testnet, allowing lenders to earn yield and borrowers to borrow Dai directly. Due to scalability issues, they opted for ERC20 tokens over credit delegation, rebranded to Atlendis, and launched on the Polygon Mainnet with a TVL of 1M$. Lenders can expect USDC yields of 2-15%, with an order book allowing rate selection for lending to vetted borrowers.

The discussion primarily revolved around the updates and progress of the JellyFi project, which was later rebranded to Atlendis. The project, initially known as L2P.finance, was led by AAlexisM and his team, who received a grant from the Aave Grant DAO. The team launched the alpha version of their product on the Kovan testnet, integrating it with Aave. This allowed lenders to deposit aDai to earn additional yield and borrowers to borrow Dai directly from the protocol. However, due to scalability issues and high gas costs, the team decided not to use the credit delegation feature, opting instead for ERC20 tokens while still using Aave as a "Yield provider".

The team later announced the rebranding to Atlendis and Atlendis Labs, along with the upcoming launch of Atlendis V1. The project went live on the Polygon Mainnet, reaching a milestone of 1M$ of Total Value Locked (TVL). All funds are currently deposited on Aave as borrowers wait for funds to build up in their own pool before starting to borrow. The community showed interest in the project, with Alex_BertoG inquiring about the expected yields for depositors and how credit lines for borrowers are calibrated.

In response to the community's interest, AAlexisM explained that lenders could expect stable coin (specifically USDC) yields ranging from 2% to 15%. The team built an order book of rates on the lending side of the pool, allowing people to choose the rate at which they are comfortable lending to each vetted borrower. The protocol's two borrowers currently have an average rate of around 4.5%, with rates as low as 2% and as high as 15%. The protocol can be accessed at https://app.atlendis.io/. The discussion concluded with the team expressing pride in their achievement and the positive feedback they've received so far.

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