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The Omni Analytics team has made significant progress on their Aave Grant, improving the Aave Growth Dashboard on Dune Analytics, developing an initial version on Polygon, and interfacing with the Covalent API for data structuring. They've also launched the first version of an RShiny-based dashboard, refined aesthetic elements, and made the code available on GitHub, with future plans to add more interactivity and output results.

The Omni Analytics team has made substantial strides in their Aave Grant, focusing on the Aave Analytics and Growth Dashboard. They have significantly improved the efficiency of the existing Aave Growth Dashboard on Dune Analytics and have developed an initial version of the Aave Growth Dashboard on Polygon. The team has also interfaced with the Covalent API to reconstruct a majority of the existing queries from the Dune Analytics dashboard. The Aave data from the Covalent API has been structured in raw and aggregated formats for further community analysis. The team is currently working on adding USD pricing data to the Polygon dashboard and validating the Aave growth metrics obtained via the Covalent API. They are also constructing an RShiny-based dashboard and porting the remaining queries to R1. HelloShreyas has praised the progress made by the Omni team and expressed optimism for a long-term relationship with the Aave ecosystem2.

The Omni Analytics team has since announced the first version of the dashboard, which includes most of the computed metrics. The dashboard is written in RShiny, with Flexdashboard powering the layout. The team has also cleaned up much of the analysis and posted initial versions of the code for both the backend API calls and the dashboard on their GitHub repository. The next steps include porting the remaining queries from the Dune dashboard, including them in the RShiny dashboard, and uploading the remaining analysis code to GitHub3. Erichare and the Omni Analytics team have been refining the aesthetic elements of the Aave growth data dashboard and setting up a hosting solution for the web-accessible version of the dashboard3. 0xbilll shared the update on the AGD Twitter to reach a wider audience4.

The team has made significant updates to the Aave on Polygon Dune Dashboard, including the introduction of new outputs/queries, refinement of existing queries, and a switch to the official prices.usd table for more accurate data representation5. They have also enhanced the Aave on R dashboard with more interactive options, Aave-style branding on plots, new transactions and user metrics, and an updated design and layout5. The next steps include finalizing and including missing Polygon and R dashboard queries from the Aave Dune Mainnet dashboard, and adding more interactivity and output results in the R dashboard5.

In a later update, Erichare announced that all plots within the dashboard have been converted to interactive versions using plotly, and the latest version of the application has been hosted on their internal server for easy access6. The code for the Covalent data pull and the dashboard is available on GitHub6. The community, including NzondaFotsing and Kingskid, has responded positively to these updates, expressing their appreciation for the work done by the Omni Analytics team 7,8.

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