[GRANT PROPOSAL]Integrate the aave reserve with sablier/superfluid

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The community discussed and showed support for Emilio's proposal to integrate the Aave reserve with either Superfluid or Sablier to enable streaming payments to contributors, potentially boosting community participation. Further discussions and planning are expected, especially if the integration is to be done with Superfluid on Polygon.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Emilio to integrate the Aave reserve with either Superfluid or Sablier. This integration is aimed at enabling streaming payments to contributors, a move that is expected to boost community participation1. The proposal was met with enthusiasm, with Smsunarto expressing interest in contributing to the effort. They, however, did not express a preference for either Sablier or Superfluid2.

HelloShreyas responded positively to Smsunarto's interest and suggested continuing the discussion privately3. In addition, Fran23 offered to assist with the integration if it was to be done with Superfluid, especially if it was to be implemented on Polygon. They proposed that the DAO could stream funds to a Multisig, which could then stream them directly to individual developers4.

In conclusion, the community seems to be in favor of the proposed integration, with several members offering to contribute to the effort. The next steps would likely involve further private discussions and planning for the integration, particularly if it is to be done with Superfluid on Polygon.

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