Add QUICKswap as collateral

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Andrewc1229 initiated a discussion on using Quickswap as collateral, sparking a community debate. Alex_BertoG shared a guide, New Asset Listing - Governance, outlining the process to onboard new assets, providing a clear path for future discussions and decision-making.

The topic of discussion was initiated by Andrewc1229, who proposed the idea of incorporating Quickswap as collateral. This suggestion sparked a lively debate within the community, with various members weighing in on the potential benefits and drawbacks of such a move.

In response to this proposal, Alex_BertoG provided valuable insight by sharing a comprehensive guide on the process required to onboard a new asset. This guide, referred to as the New Asset Listing - Governance 1,2, serves as a roadmap for the community to follow when considering the addition of new assets. It outlines the necessary steps and procedures, ensuring that all members are aware of the process and can contribute effectively to the discussion.

The discussion concluded without a definitive decision being made on the proposal. However, the information shared by Alex_BertoG has provided a clear path forward for future discussions on the topic. The community now has a better understanding of the process involved in adding new assets, which will undoubtedly aid in future decision-making.

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