Proposal: Allow repay() with aTokens

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Llama identified a problem with Aave's handling of pausable tokens and proposed a solution involving a new repay() function that allows repayment with aToken instead of the underlying token. This would create a market for aToken when a token is paused, enabling users to manage their positions and potentially incentivizing holding aTokens.

The discussion primarily revolves around a problem identified by Llama with Aave's handling of pausable tokens such as USDT, USDC, WBTC, GUSD, BUSD, and TUSD1. These tokens can be paused by a central admin, potentially causing significant issues for both depositors and borrowers on Aave. In such a scenario, depositors would be unable to withdraw their tokens, and borrowers would be unable to repay their loans, resulting in their collateral being locked1.

To mitigate this issue, Llama proposed the introduction of a new repay() function that would allow repayment with the correct amount of aToken instead of the underlying token1. This solution would facilitate the development of a market for the aToken when a token is paused, enabling depositors and borrowers to exit their positions by selling or buying aTokens respectively, and using the new repay() function1. This change would not only significantly enhance the platform but also boost user confidence in using pausable tokens on Aave. It could also incentivize holding aTokens, as they would be transferable and there would be a market for them even when the underlying token is paused1.

The discussion concluded with Llama seeking feedback on their proposal, particularly on the implications if a token calls pause(), potential downsides to implementing their idea, unmentioned upsides, and if anyone would like to apply for a grant and work on this with them1. This indicates an open-ended discussion, inviting further exploration and collaboration on the proposed solution.

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