Add support for LINK, KNC, ZRX on Aave Polygon Market

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The discussion focused on potential token listings on Aave Polygon, with suggestions including Link, Kyber, and ZRX, each for unique reasons. Community members participated actively, expressing interest and discussing the pros and cons of each token, leaving the conversation open for further suggestions.

The discussion primarily revolved around the potential listing of certain tokens on Aave Polygon. MRKWHG initiated the conversation by suggesting a few tokens that could be considered for this purpose. They proposed Link, Kyber, and ZRX, each with their own unique reasons. Link was suggested due to its strong liquidity, Kyber was brought up due to its recent launch of DMM on Polygon and Ethereum, and ZRX was mentioned because of its upcoming reward program. However, MRKWHG did express concerns about ZRX's current liquidity status, which is relatively thin. They also proposed the idea of deprecating the old KNC token and introducing the new one on the Aave market on Ethereum1.

The discussion saw participation from other community members as well. For instance, Josef expressed a keen interest in having LINK supported on Polygon AAVE. They mentioned that they currently have their LINK tokens locked up on Venus on BSC and would appreciate the added flexibility2. The conversation was left open-ended, inviting further thoughts and additions to the list of potential tokens for listing on Aave Polygon.

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