ARC: Update $YFI LTV

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Laur proposed new parameters for $YFI, including a maximum LTV of 60%, which was met with skepticism by Alex_BertoG due to the risks associated with $YFI. The debate is ongoing and will be decided by a community vote, with Laur requesting for someone to put their proposal on-chain.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal of new parameters for $YFI by Laur, which included a maximum LTV of 60%, a liquidation threshold of 65%, and a liquidation penalty of 5%. This proposal was met with skepticism by Alex_BertoG, who highlighted the inherent risks associated with $YFI, citing a report by Gauntlet Networks that identified $YFI as the asset most likely to cause the largest insolvency to Aave.

Laur defended their proposal by arguing that there's no systemic risk if the liquidation algorithm on Aave works, as evidenced by the bear market. They also drew comparisons with the LTV that $YFI gets in other protocols. However, Alex_BertoG countered this by emphasizing that liquidations are pursued by liquidators, not an algorithm, and are influenced by factors such as network congestion and market liquidity. They also stressed that Aave has its own risk appetite that prioritizes security, unlike some of the protocols Laur compared it to.

The discussion concluded with Laur requesting for someone with the time and knowledge to put their proposal on-chain for a vote. This indicates that the debate over the proposed parameters for $YFI is still ongoing and will be decided by a community vote.

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