//POLL SENTIMENT// Add a Yearn market

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Mansion453 proposed Aave to accept new collateral types like Yearn assets (yETH, yUSDC, yDAI) to increase Total Value Locked (TVL) and potentially provide higher yield to depositors. The community's response to this proposal, gathered through a poll, will significantly influence Aave's future collateral acceptance policy.

The topic of discussion was initiated by Mansion453, who proposed the idea of Aave accepting new types of collateral, specifically Yearn assets, in an effort to increase the Total Value Locked (TVL). The suggestion was that this could potentially provide a higher yield to depositors through the yToken and simultaneously boost the stable coin liquidity pool. The assets proposed for support included yETH, yUSDC, and yDAI.

To gather the community's thoughts on this proposal, a poll was initiated. The results of this poll and the overall community response to the proposal are crucial in determining the next steps. The discussion is centered around the potential benefits and drawbacks of this proposal, with the ultimate goal of increasing the TVL and providing greater yield to depositors.

The outcome of this discussion and the results of the poll will significantly influence the future direction of Aave's collateral acceptance policy. The community's active participation and feedback are essential in shaping this decision.

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