Real stable coin (gold)

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The AAVE community, initiated by SandMan529, is considering the introduction of gold-backed coins like PAXG and potentially other commodity-backed tokens such as sXAU, sXAG. The idea of a commodities-specific money market is also being discussed, but no final decisions have been made yet.

The discussion was initiated by SandMan529 who proposed the idea of introducing a gold-backed coin on AAVE, with PAXG being a potential option1. This idea was well received by other community members, including Toad who noted that there is an ongoing discussion about the inclusion of commodity-backed tokens on AAVE, including tokenised gold2. He suggested that these could serve as useful forms of collateral for AAVE users, despite the controversy surrounding them.

In addition to PAXG, Toad also brought up the possibility of considering other assets like sXAU, sXAG, or even a commodities-specific money market where PAXG, XAUT, and others could be considered2. This idea was further expanded by Cache.gold who proposed the addition of CACHE Gold (CGT) to the discussion3.

In conclusion, the community seems open to the idea of introducing gold-backed coins on AAVE. The discussion has broadened to include various other commodity-backed tokens and the potential for a commodities-specific money market. However, it's important to note that these proposals are still under discussion and no final decision has been made yet.

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