Listing Proposal: $LINK on Polygon

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The discussion revolved around the potential of listing Chainlink (LINK) on the Matic mainnet, with the community generally favoring the proposal. Liquidity concerns were addressed, showing comparable liquidity to the AAVE-WETH pair on QuickSwap and SushiSwap.

The topic of discussion primarily focused on the potential of listing Chainlink (LINK) on the Matic mainnet. The idea was initially proposed by ThatOneOwlInSpace, who reasoned that since LINK is already supported on the Ethereum mainnet, it could feasibly be listed on the Matic mainnet as well1. This proposal sparked a debate about the liquidity of LINK on Polygon, a concern raised by Aavenger2.

In response to the liquidity concerns, Random provided some insightful data, stating that liquidity should not pose a significant issue. They pointed out that the LINK-WETH pair has approximately $37 million in liquidity in QuickSwap and $45 million in SushiSwap. This liquidity is comparable to that of the AAVE-WETH pair3.

In conclusion, the discussion leaned towards the feasibility of listing LINK on the Matic mainnet. The liquidity concerns were addressed, and it appears that the community is generally in favor of the proposal. However, a final decision or vote on the matter was not indicated in the discussion.

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