aDAI to MaDAI: aDAI on Ethereum to aDAI on Matic

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The discussion clarified that aDAI and MaDAI are different entities and conversion between them is possible using tools like Instadapp and AaveGotchi bridge. It also differentiated between MaDAI and amDAI, providing solutions for their acquisition and conversion.

The discussion primarily revolved around the conversion of aDAI to MaDAI using the Matic Bridge. Tangible initiated the conversation by questioning if this was possible or if aDAI and MaDAI were separate entities that required an exchange for the swap1. Peng_Fei responded by suggesting that Instadapp might offer a solution, but emphasized that aDAI cannot be used on Matic, only MaDAI2.

Further clarification was provided by Alex_BertoG, who confirmed that aDAI from Aave V2 and Matic MaDAI are indeed different entities3. He proposed using the AaveGotchi bridge to transfer aDAI(V2) to Polygon in order to obtain MaDAI. He also differentiated between MaDAI and amDAI, explaining that MaDAI are aDAI(V2) bridged to Polygon, while amDAI is the aDAI of the Aave Polygon Market. To acquire amDAI, one can bridge DAI to Polygon using the Matic wallet or, and then deposit the DAI on the Aave Polygon Market3.

In conclusion, the discussion clarified the differences between aDAI, MaDAI, and amDAI, and provided potential solutions for converting between these entities. The information provided by Alex_BertoG was particularly insightful, offering a clear path for those looking to navigate these conversions3.

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