Vote & Staking (Aave/stkAave) on Polygon network

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The Aave community, led by Mr_aave, Reeser, and Robhaisfield, is advocating for strategies to lower gas prices and streamline voting in the Polygon market, with particular interest in an automatic Stake and Reclaim feature and voting with Aave/stkAave. The high gas fees and voting inconvenience are shared concerns, but the implementation and impact of these proposed solutions remain uncertain.

The discussion was kick-started by Mr_aave who proposed the idea of voting with Aave/stkAave and staking safety module in the Polygon market. This suggestion was met with positive responses, particularly from Reeser and Robhaisfield. Reeser was in favor of any strategies that could potentially lower gas prices for Aave-related activities. They also expressed interest in an automatic Stake and Reclaim feature, citing a poll about a stkAAVE staking pool as a reference.

Robhaisfield echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the inconvenience caused by the inability to vote on Polygon Aave matters without transitioning to the mainnet, which results in high gas fees. This issue of high gas fees was a recurring theme in the discussion, indicating a shared concern among the community members.

In conclusion, the community appears to be in favor of measures that would reduce gas prices and streamline the voting process on the Polygon market. The automatic Stake and Reclaim feature and the possibility of voting with Aave/stkAave were particularly well-received suggestions. However, it remains to be seen how these ideas will be implemented and what impact they will have on the Aave community.

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