L2 Programmable Cashflows for Continuous Settlement

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The discussion focused on the potential integration of Matic liquidity rewards on the Aave Polygon market with Superfluid, an Ethereum Protocol, for automatic distribution of rewards in the crypto ecosystem. Superfluid expressed interest in this integration, revealing ongoing related projects, and the conversation concluded with optimism about future Aave and Superfluid developments.

The discussion primarily revolved around the idea of integrating Matic liquidity rewards on the Aave Polygon market with Superfluid, an Ethereum Protocol. This idea was initially proposed by Shane, who suggested that these rewards could be automatically distributed throughout the crypto ecosystem for various purposes, such as supporting current collateral positions on Aave, paying off loans, or funding developers for protocol improvements or charities1.

Fran23 from Superfluid responded positively to this proposal, expressing interest in integrating with AAVE. He revealed that Superfluid is already working on streaming liquidity mining rewards with another project and that a hackathon project is currently exploring an AAVE + Superfluid integration. He also expressed his desire to see the AAVE Treasury giving out streaming grants or hiring people directly to work for the DAO, and paying them in streams2.

The discussion concluded with Shane expressing excitement about the potential Superfluid developments with Aave3. This conversation suggests a promising future for the integration of Aave and Superfluid, potentially leading to innovative ways of distributing liquidity rewards in the crypto ecosystem.

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