Increasing Aave partnerships and integrations?

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The discussion focuses on Aave's growth and its comparison with Compound, highlighting Aave's recent EMI license acquisition and potential for growth through crypto-focused partnerships. The community expresses interest in more integrations, questions Compound's prominence, and concludes with a consensus on the need for Aave to improve visibility, integration, and community support.

The discussion primarily revolves around the growth and development of Aave, particularly in comparison to its competitor, Compound. User Ryan highlights Aave's recent acquisition of an EMI license, which he believes adds legitimacy to the project and opens up opportunities for mainstream integrations. He suggests that Aave has potential for growth through more crypto-focused partnerships and notes how many apps are powered by Compound. He also points out that Compound is over-represented with mainstream providers compared to Aave and suggests ways the community can help Aave grow, such as improving developer documentation, hiring more experienced staff, and possibly funding a grant project1.

Several users, including Tommy, Defidude, and Greenheart, express interest in seeing more integrations and partnerships, particularly with Zerion and Avalanche. They encourage the community to voice their support for Aave2,3,5. Zer0dot questions why Compound is more prominent than Aave and whether there's a specific aspect of the protocol that makes it more appealing or easier to integrate6. In response, Ryan suggests that Compound's prominence could be due to factors such as backing from well-regarded VC's, better developer documentation, and more experienced staff7.

Claude from the HUSD team mentions an ongoing proposal in AAVE governance discussion, indicating active efforts towards development8. TheoRochaix finds the post interesting, especially considering the influx of newcomers using services aggregating applications. He asks Ryan if there have been any changes in this topic9. The discussion concludes with a general consensus on the need for Aave to improve its visibility and integration with other platforms, and the community's role in supporting these efforts.

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