Add "Available to borrow" amount in "$", near "Health Factor" number in Dashboard

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Blockvestor proposed two key improvements for the community's platform: rounding the average stablecoin available to borrow to .00 for simplicity, and setting the Health Factor on the Dashboard at 1.00 | 0.00$ for clear account health representation. These suggestions were well-received, indicating a high likelihood of implementation and a significant step towards enhancing user experience.

The discussion primarily revolved around the improvement of the user interface for the community's platform. A significant suggestion was made by Blockvestor, who proposed that the average stablecoin available to borrow should be rounded to .00 for simplicity and ease of understanding1. This suggestion was well-received, as it would make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive.

In addition to this, Blockvestor also recommended that the Health Factor on the Dashboard be set at 1.00 | 0.00$1. This would provide a clear and straightforward representation of the user's account health, making it easier for users to monitor and manage their accounts.

These suggestions, if implemented, could greatly enhance the user experience on the platform. The community's response to these proposals was generally positive, indicating a strong likelihood of these changes being adopted. The discussion concluded with a consensus on the need for these improvements, marking a significant step towards the platform's enhancement.

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