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Hingjyut, a newcomer to Aave, is facing challenges in obtaining specific data (Deposit APY and Borrow APR) for protocol V2 from the Aave website. The community is actively assisting with technical advice and shared experiences, highlighting the forum's collaborative spirit and its role as a learning platform.

The discussion primarily revolves around the challenges faced by Hingjyut in obtaining specific data from the Aave website. As a newcomer to Aave, Hingjyut is particularly interested in acquiring information related to Deposit APY and Borrow APR. They have managed to locate a spreadsheet for protocol V1, however, they are encountering difficulties in finding the corresponding parameters for V21.

The community has been actively engaged in assisting Hingjyut, providing various insights and suggestions to overcome the issue. The conversation has been a blend of technical advice and shared experiences, with a focus on navigating the Aave website and understanding its data structure.

In conclusion, the topic has been a productive exploration of the Aave website's data accessibility, particularly for protocol V2. The discussion has not only served as a learning platform for Hingjyut but also for other community members who might face similar challenges in the future. The community's collective effort in resolving the issue underscores the collaborative spirit of the forum.

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