Listing Proposal LINKPOOL Token (LPL/LPLA)

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The discussion focused on integrating Linkpool's token, LPL, into Aave, with Permabulltard highlighting its potential and current status. However, concerns were raised about its liquidity and volatility, with the community agreeing that more time and consideration are needed before proceeding with the proposal.

The discussion primarily revolved around the integration of Linkpool's token, LPL, into Aave. Permabulltard initiated the conversation, emphasizing the potential of LPL due to the backing of LINK Marines and the recent change of Linkpool's token model to ERC-20. They also highlighted the current status of LPL, with 84,210,521 tokens staked and most liquidity in Bancor1.

However, MarcZeller advised Permabulltard to adhere to the ARC standard and specify the liquidity venue for the asset to be onboarded, likely the AMM market2. Permabulltard acknowledged this advice, noting the newness and volatility of the token due to lack of volume, which could pose a risk to lenders. They agreed to reformat the proposal when the time is right3.

Despite the potential benefits, Carlsagin22 expressed reservations about the proposal. They argued that the current liquidity of LPL is insufficient for a reasonable risk level. Furthermore, they pointed out that LPL, being a stake-able token, doesn't earn yield when not staked. This makes it unlikely for liquidity to increase when yield is earned single-sided and not as an LP5.

In conclusion, while there is enthusiasm for the integration of LPL into Aave, there are also concerns about its liquidity and volatility. The community seems to agree that more time and consideration are needed before moving forward with the proposal.

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