Allow to vote multiple token and LPs listing, not just vote them one by one

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The discussion centered on expanding Aave's reach by listing more tokens and LPs on AMM, with a proposed filter system to avoid scams and low-quality coins. A collaborative list of tokens and LPs, with a potential inclusion criterion of a market cap over $50M, was suggested to maintain quality and stimulate community debate.

The discussion primarily revolves around the potential expansion of Aave's popularity through the listing of more tokens and LPs tokens on AMM. This suggestion was put forth by Inigo, who also stressed the importance of implementing a filter system to prevent the inclusion of scams or low-quality coins.

To ensure the quality of the tokens, Inigo proposed the idea of creating a collaborative list of tokens and LPs. He suggested a possible criterion for inclusion on this list could be a market cap of more than $50M. This proposal was intended to stimulate further discussion and debate within the community.

In conclusion, the topic focused on the potential growth of Aave through the addition of more tokens and LPs on AMM, with a strong emphasis on maintaining quality and avoiding scams. The idea of a collaborative list was proposed as a possible solution, with the discussion left open for further input and ideas from the community.

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