Aave build on Cardano - lower fees

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The discussion focused on Patty's proposal to build an interchangeable Aave on Cardano to reduce fees and increase demand, but Dc_aave expressed concerns about feasibility due to existing commitments on Ethereum. The conversation shifted towards using Aave through 0xPolygon, with the community showing interest in exploring other chains to maintain Aave's competitiveness in the DeFi space.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal by Patty to build an interchangeable Aave on Cardano, with the aim of reducing fees and boosting demand for Aave, thereby ensuring its competitiveness in the DeFi space1. However, Dc_aave expressed concerns about the feasibility of this move, citing the Aave team's existing commitments on Ethereum, including smart contracts and audits2. Despite the upcoming Mary Hard Fork on Cardano, which would enable smart contracts and offer options to port ERC-20 as native tokens, Dc_aave remained skeptical about the timing and resource allocation for such a move4.

The conversation took a turn when Emilio introduced the idea of using Aave cheaply through 0xPolygon, suggesting the possibility of a community-driven team to bring the protocol to different chains, including Cardano6. This idea was met with enthusiasm by Patty7. The discussion concluded with an agreement to vote on the proposal, although Dc_aave maintained reservations about the timing and resource allocation for a move to Cardano4. The community's interest in exploring other chains, such as 0xPolygon, indicates a willingness to adapt and innovate to ensure Aave's competitiveness in the DeFi space.

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