Cannot connect Metamask?

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Freshprana faced issues connecting their Metamask wallet to the AAVE dapp, receiving a "no browser wallet detected" error. ZapAAVE suggested the problem could be internet-related and provided a guide on connecting to a web 3 wallet using etherscan.io, emphasizing the importance of a legitimate web 3 type wallet address for successful connection.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue faced by Freshprana, who is struggling to connect their Metamask wallet to the AAVE dapp. They are consistently encountering a "no browser wallet detected" error. ZapAAVE, another active participant in the discussion, suggests that the problem might be associated with their internet connection.

In an attempt to resolve the issue, ZapAAVE provides a comprehensive guide on how to connect to a web 3 wallet using etherscan.io. They emphasize the importance of ensuring that the wallet is of the web 3 type and that the address is legitimate. This advice is crucial as it is expected to facilitate a successful connection between the Metamask wallet and the AAVE dapp.

In conclusion, the discussion provides valuable insights into the potential issues and solutions related to connecting a Metamask wallet to the AAVE dapp. The suggestions and guidance provided by ZapAAVE are particularly noteworthy and could be beneficial for users facing similar issues.

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