Proposal: Use some AAVE reserves to open DAI vaults and repurchase AAVE

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The Aave project community is engaged in a debate over the optimal use of the ecosystem reserves and handling of the growing treasury, with suggestions ranging from buying market dips to funding grants and supplying atoken liquidity on L2 AMMs. The contrasting viewpoints and ongoing discussions underscore the importance of these topics and the need for further consensus.

The discussion primarily revolves around the best use of the ecosystem reserves of the Aave project. Pequa advocates for buying the dips in the market to elevate the token's status, arguing that having cushion funds could enhance confidence in the token and the project, particularly during market downturns or corrections3. However, Aavenstein counters this viewpoint, asserting that Aave isn't profitable enough to distribute money from ecosystem reserves to token holders2. Instead, they propose utilizing the funds for grants, paying for oracles, and supplying atoken liquidity on L2 AMMs like quickswap on matic2. The disagreement between the two users invites further discussion on the main thread4.

In addition to this, the ARC governance thread reveals that the treasury has seen significant growth, increasing from 290k to approximately 680k. This has sparked a debate about whether to transfer the funds in several times to the reserve factor address or wait until all funds have migrated [ARC].

In conclusion, the community is actively discussing the optimal use of the Aave project's ecosystem reserves and the best approach to handle the growing treasury. The contrasting viewpoints and ongoing debates indicate that these topics are of high importance and require further discussion and consensus.

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