Opening Aave on the BSC

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The discussion focused on the proposal to expand to alternative chains like Binance Smart Chain due to high fees and unreliable time periods on Ethereum, but faced opposition due to concerns over centralization and market control. Despite the lack of consensus, the need for Aave to adapt in the face of Ethereum's issues and potential government interference was emphasized, highlighting the ongoing complexity of the DeFi movement.

The discussion primarily revolved around the proposal of expanding to alternative chains due to high fees and unreliable time periods, with Binance Smart Chain being suggested as a potential option by Goobers007. However, this idea was met with resistance from users like Slurrr and AlpacaGhostryder, who argued that such centralized defi chains do not align with the vision of breaking free from traditional cefi. They expressed concerns over Binance's control over the market and how it contradicts the idea of DeFi.

Despite the opposition, Goobers007 maintained his stance, arguing that big companies will inevitably dominate the market and that it's better to join them if they can't be fought. He criticized Ethereum for being too expensive for the average person to use and suggested that Aave could grow by moving chains. The discussion also touched upon the challenges of the DeFi movement, particularly in competing against BEP DOT on Ethereum. AlpacaGhostryder noted that DeFi's decentralized nature could be a potential advantage as it makes it harder to regulate.

Towards the end of the discussion, Goobers007 pointed out that despite the decentralized nature of DeFi, governments can still interfere, citing India's ban on DeFi as an example. He argued that Aave needs to adapt to stay relevant, given the uncertainty around Ethereum's issues. The discussion was left open for further conversation on Twitter. Haave acknowledged Goobers007's active participation in the community and wished him luck with his Binance activities. The discussion ended without a clear consensus, indicating the complexity and ongoing nature of the topic.

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