Unstake AAVE to get BPT?

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The discussion centered on the process of transferring staked AAVE tokens to the BPT-WETH pool, which involves a 10-day cooldown period, unstaking, and adding liquidity. The requirements for staking include 80% AAVE and 20% wrapped ETH, with the wrapping process suggested to be done via Zapper.Fi aggregator.

The discussion primarily revolved around the process of transferring staked AAVE tokens to the BPT-WETH pool. Freshprana initiated the conversation, and Dydymoon clarified that the process involves activating a cooldown, waiting for a period of 10 days, unstaking the tokens, and then adding liquidity to the pool 1,2.

The conversation then shifted towards the requirements for staking AAVE tokens. TheGhostLad sought clarification on this, and Alex_BertoG responded that a combination of 80% AAVE and 20% WETH is required 3,4. Further queries were raised by TheGhostLad regarding whether these tokens need to be in a Meta Mask wallet or if they need to be wrapped. Alex_BertoG clarified that the ETH needs to be wrapped and provided a link to the Pool management - Balancer for adding liquidity 5,6.

The final part of the discussion was focused on the method of wrapping ETH. TheGhostLad asked for guidance on this, and Alex_BertoG suggested using the Zapper.Fi aggregator 7,8. This comprehensive discussion provided valuable insights into the process and requirements of staking AAVE tokens and transferring them to the BPT-WETH pool.

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