Use aAAVE to participate to governance

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The AAVE community discussed the exclusion of aAAVE token holders from governance participation, with 11.8% of AAVE stakeholders currently unable to vote. A proposal was initiated to include aAAVE in voting options, aiming to increase stakeholder involvement and rectify the current exclusionary practice.

The discussion primarily revolved around the issue of governance participation in the AAVE community. User Cxp initiated the conversation by questioning why only stAAVE and AAVE tokens are eligible for governance participation, excluding aAAVE tokens1. This point was further elaborated by TheoRochaix, who provided some insightful statistics. He highlighted that 11.8% of AAVE in circulation, which are held as aAAVE, are currently not allowed to vote2. This represents a significant portion of AAVE stakeholders who are excluded from the voting process.

TheoRochaix proposed a solution to this issue by suggesting the inclusion of aAAVE into the voting options2. He argued that the current design, which excludes aAAVE holders from voting, was implemented for technical simplicity and there is no compelling reason to maintain this status quo. He further noted that since AAVE cannot be borrowed, the risk of double voting is eliminated. This proposal was met with support from Dydymoon, who agreed that it would involve more token holders in the governance process3.

In conclusion, a vote was initiated to include aAAVE in the voting options, aiming to increase stakeholder participation in the governance process. This proposal, if passed, would rectify the current situation where a significant portion of AAVE stakeholders are excluded from voting due to the type of tokens they hold.

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