[ARC][POLL] Create AAVE governance badges

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TheoRochaix has proposed the introduction of "Badges" to the Aave governance forum to incentivize voting and personal interaction, with integration into Metamask and award criteria based on various activities within the Aave ecosystem. The proposal, intended to be a community project funded by the Aave treasury, is currently under vote with the community actively deciding on the best implementation strategy.

The discussion primarily revolves around the issue of impersonal interactions and lack of voting incentives on the Aave forum, as pointed out by TheoRochaix1. To address this, TheoRochaix proposed the introduction of "Badges" into the Aave governance forum1. These badges, akin to proof of attendance, would serve as testimonials of different achievements within the Aave ecosystem.

The proposed badges would be integrated with Metamask and the Aave governance forum, and would be awarded based on various criteria such as voting on the Aave protocol, owning Lend, delegating proposal power, among others1. TheoRochaix suggests that this initiative should be a community project, financed by the Aave treasury, and that a technical lead and a graphic designer/artist would be needed for the integration1.

In order to make the Governance Badges a reality, TheoRochaix has proposed four strategies and has opened a vote for the community to decide on the best approach1. He also provides resources related to non-transferable tokens and Maker Badges for further reference1. The discussion is ongoing, with the community actively participating in the vote to determine the future of the proposed Governance Badges.

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