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Jbalde89 faced issues transferring AAVE tokens from Binance.EN to Binance.US, with tokens not appearing despite a successful transaction. Blockvestor suggested the issue might be due to the transfer method, recommending an intermediary step of transferring to a personal wallet first to ensure the receiving account correctly identifies the sender.

The discussion primarily revolves around an issue faced by Jbalde89, who attempted to transfer AAVE tokens from their Binance.EN account to their Binance.US account using an ERC-20 token address. Despite the transaction being marked as successful, the tokens have not appeared in the Binance.US account, leading to confusion and a request for advice1.

Blockvestor provided a potential explanation for this issue, suggesting that the transfer method used might be the root cause. They proposed that the AAVE tokens should have been transferred from the Binance.EN account to a personal wallet first, before being sent to the Binance.US account. The rationale behind this is that the Binance.US account could have perceived the funds as coming directly from Binance.EN, not Jbalde89, due to the sender's address being that of the exchange platform, not the individual user3.

In conclusion, the discussion suggests that the transfer of AAVE tokens between different Binance accounts might require an intermediary step involving a personal wallet. This is to ensure that the receiving account correctly identifies the sender, thereby avoiding potential issues with the transfer.

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