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The discussion centered on the need for more AAVE wallpapers, with UndeadBeat suggesting community creation to fill the gap, and Alex_BertoG pointing out existing resources on Aave's official site. A specific demand for a cyberpunk-styled Aave wallpaper for a 2k, WQHD 32" display was also expressed by EzR3aL, indicating a niche need for personalized Aave wallpapers.

The discussion primarily revolved around the demand for AAVE wallpapers, with a particular emphasis on the scarcity of such resources in the market. UndeadBeat voiced this concern and even proposed the idea of creating some to fill this gap1. This suggestion was met with a response from Alex_BertoG, who pointed out that Aave branded content is readily available on their official website2.

The conversation took a more specific turn when EzR3aL expressed a desire for a cyberpunk styled Aave wallpaper, specifically tailored for a 2k, WQHD 32" display3. This indicates a niche demand within the community for more personalized and specific Aave wallpapers. The discussion thus highlighted both a general and specific need for more diverse Aave wallpapers, with community members showing willingness to contribute to this cause.

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