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Logan raised a concern about his Aave tokens not being converted despite numerous confirmations, to which Alex_BertoG suggested reaching out to Aave support. Later, it was revealed that Logan had been interacting with a scammer, emphasizing the need for vigilance and verification in dealing with digital assets.

The discussion primarily revolved around a concern raised by Logan regarding an issue with his Aave (Lend) tokens. Despite having over 24,000 confirmations in five days, his 408 Aave tokens had not been converted and sent to his wallet1. In response to this, Alex_BertoG suggested that Logan should reach out to Aave support via the #support channel in the Aave Discord2.

As the discussion progressed, Logan shared an update that he had been informed by Aave that the address he had been interacting with was, in fact, a scammer3. This revelation underscored the importance of vigilance and careful verification when dealing with digital assets. It served as a reminder to all community members to ensure they are interacting with legitimate entities and to always reach out to official support channels when encountering issues.

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