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Jose_delphi proposed to list Aragon Network's native token, $ANT, on Aave, sparking interest due to Aragon's reputation as a leading DAO infrastructure platform and $ANT's substantial market cap. The proposal, which hints at future collaborations between Aragon and Aave, has received positive responses, with a vote initiated to decide on $ANT's inclusion in the Aave ecosystem.

The discussion revolves around the proposal by Jose_delphi to list $ANT, the native token of the Aragon Network, on Aave. Aragon is recognized as a leading DAO infrastructure platform and $ANT has a substantial market cap of around $140M. The token is not currently listed on any other lending platforms, which makes this proposal significant. An ongoing acquisition of $ANJ by $ANT is expected to boost demand, and the Aragon Association along with other institutions are prepared to seed the lending market with over $10M worth of $ANT.

The proposal also hints at potential future collaborations between Aragon and Aave, including deeper integration and DAO to DAO loans. This has sparked interest and support from community members like Depressedape, who views Aragon as a quality project and $ANT as an intriguing asset. To decide on the addition of $ANT to the Aave ecosystem, a vote has been initiated1.

The discussion thus far indicates a positive response towards the proposal, with the potential for $ANT's inclusion in the Aave ecosystem and future collaborations between Aragon and Aave being key points of interest. The outcome of the vote will determine the next steps in this process.

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