[Delegation Pitch] Towards the Future of Aave

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Aave's V2 governance is now live, opening up potential for new tokens and markets, as announced by community member Zer0dot, who also put himself forward as a delegate. He has outlined his guiding principles and highlighted two proposals: implementing a UNI-V2 liquidity pool token market and rescuing locked AAVE and LEND, aiming to transition Aave into a multi-market lending protocol.

The Aave community has seen significant developments recently, with the announcement by Zer0dot that Aave's V2 governance is now live. This is a significant step forward for the protocol, opening up the potential for the addition of new tokens and the creation of new markets. Zer0dot's vision is for Aave to lead the way in the future of finance, which he sees as becoming increasingly decentralized.

In addition to this, Zer0dot has put himself forward as a delegate for Aave. Despite not being a financial expert or a core developer, he is a firm believer in the protocol and has outlined his guiding principles. These include simplicity, security, long-term vision, proper risk management, bridging traditional finance, funding innovation, rewarding stakers, user experience, transparency, and communication. He has provided further explanation of these principles in a Medium article, along with the delegation address.

Zer0dot has also highlighted two specific proposals that he believes will set an important precedent for Aave. The first is the implementation of a UNI-V2 liquidity pool token market, and the second is the rescue of the AAVE and LEND locked in their respective contracts. He believes these actions will transition Aave from a regular lending product to a multi-market lending protocol and demonstrate the ability of the DAO to mobilize for a good cause.

In conclusion, Zer0dot has expressed his belief that Aave and DeFi have the potential to revolutionize finance, and he is eager to see this transformation take place.

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