Proposal: Add BPT as collateral in AAVE V2

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The discussion focused on the potential of integrating BPT tokens, received by AAVE/ETH LPs in Balancer, into the collateral offering. Suggestions included creating a specific market for BPT shares and using StkAave and StkBPT as collateral, with the community showing openness to further explore these ideas.

The discussion revolved around the idea of incorporating BPT tokens received by AAVE/ETH LPs in Balancer into the collateral offering. This proposal was initially put forth by Depressedape, who believed it to be technically feasible and akin to the Uniswap market collateral. They also suggested a community poll to gauge interest in this idea1.

Dydymoon responded by outlining the main goals for the 80/20 BPT, which are to increase liquidity for the $AAVE token on decentralized exchanges and stake into the safety module to protect Aave. They also proposed the idea of creating a market where StkAave could be used as collateral, and suggested the possibility of using StkBPT as collateral in the same market2.

Emilio, on the other hand, suggested that it would be best to have a specific market with BPT shares, similar to the Uniswap V1 market that was initially instantiated with Aave V14.

In conclusion, the discussion centered around the potential of BPT tokens and their incorporation into the collateral offering. The community seemed to be open to exploring this idea further, with suggestions for a specific market for BPT shares and the use of StkAave and StkBPT as collateral.

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