How to stake/unstake AAVE: Safety Mining

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The discussion focused on the AAVE Safety Module (SM), where AAVE holders can stake their tokens to earn Safety Incentives through "Safety Mining", with a potential 30% slash in case of a shortfall. Questions were raised about SM's applicability to different AAVE versions, potential modifications to the re-staking feature, and network selection for unstaking, indicating a strong community interest in optimizing the staking and unstaking process.

The discussion primarily revolved around the AAVE Safety Module (SM) and its associated features. Isakivlighan provided a detailed explanation of the SM, highlighting that AAVE holders can stake their AAVE in the SM to earn Safety Incentives, currently at a rate of 400 AAVE/day split among all stakers, a process known as "Safety Mining"1. In the event of a shortfall, up to 30% of the stake can be slashed to cover the deficit. Unstaking AAVE requires a 10-day "cooldown period", followed by a 2-day window for withdrawal. If the AAVE is not withdrawn within this window, the cooldown period must be reactivated1.

There were some queries regarding the SM's applicability to different versions of AAVE. Jacobdecatur asked if the SM was exclusive to AAVE v2, but Isakivlighan clarified that it is also a part of AAVE v12,3. Reeser proposed a modification to the automatic re-staking feature, suggesting that the re-staking time should be extended to match the cooldown period to provide users with more flexibility4. Queenb sought clarification on the network selection for unstaking if they had staked AAVE on the ETH network and whether rewards needed to be claimed separately or if they would be automatically added when unstaking5.

In conclusion, the discussion provided valuable insights into the workings of the AAVE Safety Module, its benefits, and potential areas for improvement. The community's active engagement and constructive suggestions indicate a strong interest in optimizing the staking and unstaking process.

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