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Fringe Finance, previously Bonded Finance, plans to integrate the AAVE token into their DeFi lending/borrowing platform during their V2 launch, potentially increasing liquidity and user base. However, the announcement's non-compliance with ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework guidelines has sparked concerns about clarity and structured communication within the community.

What is this about?

The discussion is centered around the recent announcement by Rgkz from Fringe Finance, previously known as Bonded Finance, about their plans to integrate the AAVE token into their DeFi lending/borrowing platform. This integration is set to take place during the upcoming V2 launch of the platform, where AAVE will serve as both a capital and collateral asset on Ethereum. The announcement also includes plans for a spotlight podcast/Twitter space and community engagement as part of the collaboration3.

How is the community reacting?

The community's response to this announcement continues to be mixed. While some members are enthusiastic about the potential benefits of this integration, others have expressed concerns about the compliance of the announcement post. XTG1724 has specifically pointed out that the post does not adhere to the current ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework guidelines, suggesting that it should be edited to comply with the structure2.

Why this is positive?

The integration of the AAVE token into the Fringe Finance Lending Platform could bring about numerous benefits. It could lead to increased liquidity, more trading opportunities, and a broader user base for both platforms. The proposed discussion on integration and co-marketing with the AAVE Protocol team could foster a stronger partnership between the two entities, leading to more collaborative projects in the future. Additionally, the integration will provide additional token utility for lending, borrowing, and margin trading, incentivizing holding, and the opportunity for treasury capital management.

Why this is negative?

Despite the potential benefits, the announcement post's non-compliance with the ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework guidelines has raised some concerns. This could potentially lead to confusion and misinterpretation among community members. It also underscores the need for better adherence to community guidelines to maintain structured and clear communication within the community.

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