How to participate in the governance of the Aave DAO?

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The Aave DAO governance system allows AAVE and stkAAVE holders to vote on Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs), with the community playing a key role in decision-making. The Aave "Genesis Team" is responsible for implementing the changes voted for by the community.

The discussion primarily revolves around the participation of AAVE and stkAAVE holders in the Aave DAO governance. As Isakivlighan elucidates, these stakeholders have the privilege to vote on Aave Improvement Proposals (AIPs)1. These proposals are initially presented in the governance forum, a platform where they are open to feedback and further discourse.

The community plays a crucial role in the progression of these proposals. If a proposal garners substantial support, it is then subjected to a community vote. The fate of the proposal, whether it is accepted or rejected, lies in the hands of the community. The Aave "Genesis Team" is entrusted with the task of implementing the changes that the community votes for1.

In conclusion, the Aave DAO governance is a democratic system where the community has a significant say in the decision-making process. The Aave "Genesis Team" acts as the executor of the community's decisions, ensuring that the changes voted for are implemented.

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