My eth and polygon supply was stolen

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A security breach occurred in AAVE via Metamask, resulting in the theft of user Ajguille's supply, despite no authorized transactions. The community's reaction is unclear, but the incident raises serious concerns about transaction security and the potential for future similar breaches.

What is this about?

The discussion continues to focus on the security issue reported by Ajguille, who experienced a theft of their supply from AAVE while using Metamask. Despite not authorizing any transactions, two hash transactions were recorded, which Ajguille provided for reference. The transactions in question are 0x2b...6d9f76c6bfc88b0ed140ce095f45 and 0x23...80f777f7c9451b9c1dc51ea9c4561.

How is the community reacting?

The community's reaction remains unclear due to limited information. However, it is worth noting that a post by Ashaad1 was deleted by the author2, which could suggest some level of concern or disagreement within the community.

Why this is positive?

The positive aspect of this situation is still difficult to ascertain from the provided information. However, the fact that Ajguille was able to identify and report the unauthorized transactions could potentially help in identifying the issue and preventing similar incidents in the future.

Why this is negative?

The negative aspect is quite clear: a security breach has occurred, resulting in the theft of Ajguille's supply from AAVE while using Metamask. This raises serious concerns about the security of transactions and the potential for similar incidents to occur in the future. EzR3aL suggests that the user's wallet and/or private keys may have been compromised. He advises transferring all funds to a new wallet with a new private key/seed phrase and considering the use of a different device to ensure there's no malware present3.

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