[RFC] Tool to stay up to date with the Aave community

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The x23.ai tool, developed by Daveytea, is actively engaging the Aave community by providing updates on protocols, DAOs, and GitHub commits, and encouraging user feedback for continuous improvement. The community's positive response and active contribution, such as JosepBove's suggestion to add a new repository, highlight the tool's potential and the importance of its evolution based on user needs.

What is this about?

The discussion continues to focus on the x23.ai tool developed by Daveytea. This tool is designed to keep users updated on the latest developments in the Aave community, protocols, and DAOs. It provides updates on the latest GitHub commits in a protocol’s repository and key discussions happening across various DAO forums. Daveytea has been actively seeking feedback from users to improve the platform and has recently completed an action related to the Aave proposals v3 code files on bgd-labs, as indicated in post4.

How is the community reacting?

The community continues to engage with the tool and provide feedback. A notable suggestion came from JosepBove, who proposed adding the new repository for proposals of gov v3. This shows that the community is not only interested in the tool but also sees potential in its application and is actively contributing to its development.

Why this is positive?

The ongoing development of x23.ai is a positive step as it helps users stay updated with the latest happenings in the Aave community, protocols, and DAOs. It encourages community participation and feedback, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared ownership. The tool's adaptability, as shown by the implementation of JosepBove's suggestion to add the new repository for proposals of gov v3, demonstrates its potential for continuous improvement based on user feedback.

Why this is negative?

There are no apparent negative aspects to this discussion. The community is actively engaging with the tool and providing constructive feedback. However, it's crucial to ensure that the tool continues to evolve based on user feedback and needs, to maintain its relevance and usefulness.

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