NFT Airdrop - possible scam?

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The discussion highlighted a scam involving suspicious NFT vouchers appearing in MEW wallets, first identified by Jrodrimo and later confirmed by EzR3aL. The community's quick response and open communication potentially saved many from falling victim, emphasizing the importance of collective vigilance in ensuring member security.

The discussion primarily revolved around a suspicious activity involving NFT vouchers appearing in MEW wallets. Jrodrimo was among the first to bring this issue to light, having received a voucher that directed them to a website named aavecashcom with a promise of 20 AAVE. Given the unusual nature of this occurrence, Jrodrimo expressed their suspicion that this could be a scam and proposed that the AAVE community should be alerted1.

This suspicion was later confirmed by EzR3aL, who categorically stated that the aforementioned activity was indeed a scam. They further advised community members to refrain from interacting with it, clarifying that there was no ongoing airdrop2. This discussion served as a timely warning for the community, potentially preventing many from falling victim to this scam. The community's collective vigilance and swift response to such threats underscore the importance of open communication and mutual support in ensuring the security of all members.

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