Help, Supply in wETH disappeared more then one time

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The discussion focused on two main issues: Itsdeas's sudden drop in Aave Polygon v3 health rate and partial ETH disappearance, possibly due to over-leveraging without proper HF management, and 0xloop's warning from Hal.xyz while using the Galxe ARB chain, noticing a decrease in supply and a strange contract address. The importance of HF management when leveraging ETH and providing sufficient information when seeking help was emphasized, with both issues remaining unresolved.

The discussion primarily revolved around two main issues. The first issue was reported by Itsdeas, who experienced a sudden drop in their Aave Polygon v3 health rate to 1.0 and a partial disappearance of their ETH. Despite not observing any liquidation in the transactions, they reported a loss of 3k1,3,6. In response, EzR3aL suggested that Itsdeas might have over-leveraged their ETH without adequately managing their HF, leading to a potential partial liquidation9.

The second issue was raised by 0xloop, who received a warning from Hal.xyz while using the Galxe ARB chain. They noticed a decrease in their supply (-0.8996 stETH) and almost faced liquidation before they could supply more collateral. They also noticed a strange contract address (0x00...0000) and a multi-call sending awstETH to Angel-drainer.eth11.

In conclusion, the discussion highlighted the importance of proper management of HF when leveraging ETH and the need for providing sufficient information such as wallet address or transaction hash when seeking help for such issues. The exact cause of Itsdeas's problem remains unclear, but the possibility of over-leveraging and a subsequent price drop leading to partial liquidation was suggested as a plausible explanation. The issue reported by 0xloop is still unresolved, and they are seeking assistance with it.

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