[TEMP CHECK] Updated Aave Grants Continuation Proposal

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The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has proposed an updated plan for its continuation, including changes like removing the Events & Sponsorship budget, swapping AAVE funding with stables, and introducing a $20k max grant size. The proposal aims to provide $400,000 of new funding in ARB, increase AGD’s stablecoin allowance by $328,000, and fund $500,000 in developer grants per quarter, while also driving Aave’s culture and GHO adoption.

The Aave Grants DAO (AGD) has proposed an updated plan for its continuation, based on community feedback. The proposal, put forward by 0xbilll, includes changes such as the removal of the Events & Sponsorship budget, swapping the AAVE portion of funding with stables, and introducing a $20k max grant size1. The proposal aims to continue AGD for 6 months, providing $400,000 of new funding in ARB, and increasing AGD’s stablecoin allowance by $328,000. This will allow AGD to fund $500,000 in developer grants per quarter, drive Aave’s culture and GHO adoption, and set the groundwork for the next chapter of AGD1.

Since its inception in May 2021, AGD has awarded $4,852,753 across 249 grants. The community has participated in 14 hackathons, awarding $150,000 in Aave and GHO specific bounties to 58 teams. Some of these teams have continued contributing to Aave and GHO, with five projects receiving grants1. The AGD website houses a running list of grants awarded, event and sponsorship spend, and other information since inception. The GHO release was a significant launch for the Aave community, and AGD has been spreading awareness about GHO's launch and encouraging early development with GHO across the four hackathons that were sponsored1.

AGD has introduced initiatives to increase grantee accountability and engagement with the community. A pilot project, 'Requests for Grants' (RFGs), has been introduced to direct builders to apply for grants in high impact areas1. Since AGD's last proposal, 50 new grants have been awarded and 15 follow up milestone payments have been made. Of the 50 new grants awarded, 22 are complete, live, or have reached notable milestones1. The proposed budget for the next 6 months includes $400,000 in ARB, a $328,000 increase in AGD’s stablecoin allowance, and a reallocation of $292,000 previously allocated to ‘Digital Marketing’. AGD is exploring further driving GHO adoption and grantee alignment by collaborating with TokenLogic to swap AGD’s DAI allowance with GHO1.

The TEMP CHECK snapshot vote was successful. However, MarcZeller pointed out that the vote was initiated 24 hours after the publication of the related governance thread, which is against the ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework that requires a minimum of 5 days. 0xbilll acknowledged the mistake and expressed excitement about onboarding AGD to Skyward to avoid such situations in the future 2,3,4. This discussion and the subsequent proposal reflect the community's commitment to the growth and development of the Aave ecosystem.

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