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The discussion centered on a proposal to integrate the Arthera Blockchain with AAVE, promising benefits like a grant program, co-marketing opportunities, and a revenue-sharing model. However, the discussion is paused until the proposal adheres to community guidelines, despite support from several community members.

The discussion primarily focused on the proposal by Fabs to integrate the Arthera Blockchain with AAVE. Arthera, an EVM compatible L1, is set to be enhanced by a DAG-based PoS model and is expected to go mainnet by the end of the year. The proposal detailed a plan to initially onboard AAVE on the testnet, followed by a transition to the mainnet upon its launch. The integration promises several advantages, including a grant program, direct access to the Arthera core team, co-marketing opportunities, and a revenue-sharing model.

The topic was temporarily closed when MarcZeller requested Fabs to edit the topic to adhere to the ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework guidelines. This underscores the importance of following community guidelines and frameworks in discussions, ensuring that all proposals and ideas are presented in a structured and comprehensible manner.

Several community members, including LaurentPerello, ToNio87fr, Rieger, and Klesku, expressed their support for the integration, highlighting the potential benefits it could bring to both the AAVE and Arthera ecosystems. Klesku, in particular, praised Arthera's innovative approach and DAG-based PoS model, believing this move would strengthen the ecosystem and create new opportunities16. However, MarcZeller emphasized the importance of a fact-oriented governance process and warned against encouraging community members to create accounts to support the initiative. Ritesh also supported the integration, noting the potential benefits for high transaction DeFi projects from Arthera's chain as a service and Aave's liquidity protocols.

Dtacer expressed enthusiasm about testing AAVE on Arthera, indicating a desire to enhance the DEFI space. However, the like count for this post is undefined, so the community's response to this sentiment is unclear.17

In conclusion, while the integration of Arthera Blockchain with AAVE holds potential benefits, the discussion is currently on hold until the proposal is revised to meet the community's guidelines. The outcome of this proposal will depend on the successful revision and reevaluation of the topic.

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