[ARFC] - Aave V2 Markets Deprecation Plan

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Gauntlet proposed a plan to mitigate risk in Aave V2 Ethereum markets by gradually reducing Loan-to-Value (LT) ratios, with a community vote set for September 25th, 2023. The proposal includes conservative and aggressive approaches for asset analysis, with the conservative approach aiming to avoid user liquidations.

The discussion primarily revolved around Gauntlet's proposal to gradually wind down the frozen markets on Aave V2 Ethereum through a series of Loan-to-Value (LT) reductions. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to mitigate risk in the V2 markets and facilitate the transition to V3. The plan includes bi-weekly analyses and recommendations for each LT reduction, with the more conservative approach being adopted in case of disagreement. The community is set to vote on the framework and process via a Snapshot vote on September 25th, 20231.

Gauntlet also provided a comprehensive analysis of various assets, including MKR, MANA, and ENS, and proposed two sets of recommendations: conservative and aggressive. The conservative approach ensures no users will be liquidated, while the aggressive approach would result in less than $2,000 of collateral being liquidated per asset, affecting 30 accounts in total1.

The discussion concluded with Gauntlet announcing a snapshot for the deprecation plan linked to the Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP) framework3. WintermuteGovernance expressed support for the conservative approach, appreciating its aim to avoid forced liquidations and potential harm to users4. The community's response to the proposal and its subsequent impact on the Aave V2 Ethereum markets will be determined by the upcoming Snapshot vote.

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