[TEMP CHECK] Increase wstETH supply cap on Polygon v3

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The wstETH market has hit its maximum supply capacity of 3,450 units, limiting its use as collateral and maintaining a healthy LTV ratio, despite a near 0% Supply APY. A proposal to increase the wstETH supply cap by Cschoon is currently on hold for modifications to align with community guidelines.

The discussion primarily revolved around the wstETH market reaching its maximum supply capacity of 3,450 units, as reported by Cschoon. This has resulted in a limitation on its use as collateral for borrowing or maintaining a healthy Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. Interestingly, despite a near 0% Supply APY, the supply cap is still filled, which suggests a strong demand to use the asset as collateral.

In response to this situation, Cschoon proposed an increase in the wstETH supply cap and initiated a discussion to gather community feedback1. However, the conversation was temporarily halted by EzR3aL, who requested Cschoon to modify the topic to align with the [ARFC] ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework guidelines2.

In conclusion, the topic is currently on hold pending modifications to comply with community guidelines. The issue of the wstETH market reaching its maximum supply capacity and the proposal to increase the supply cap remains a significant point of discussion within the community.

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