stkAAVE Cooldown Period

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The discussion focused on the stkAAVE cooldown feature's potential vulnerability, where adding more stkAAVE before the cooldown ends could be exploited to extend the cooldown indefinitely. However, MarcZeller clarified that the cooldown timer doesn't reset with new staking, negating the suggested vulnerability.

The discussion primarily revolved around the functionality of the stkAAVE cooldown feature. Justsomeguy initiated the conversation by expressing concerns about a potential vulnerability in the system. He questioned if the cooldown function of stkAAVE would reset if more stkAAVE is added before the cooldown has completed. This, he suggested, could be exploited by malicious actors who might send microtransactions to extend the cooldown period indefinitely1.

However, MarcZeller provided a crucial clarification that helped alleviate these concerns. He confirmed that the cooldown timer does not reset with new staking2. This means that the potential vulnerability pointed out by Justsomeguy does not exist, ensuring the security of the stkAAVE system against such exploits. This clarification brought a sense of relief to the community and concluded the discussion on a positive note.

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