[ARFC] Safety Module - Polygon & Avalanche Coverage Update

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The Aave community discussed a proposal by TokenLogic to update the Safety Module (SM) coverage, removing it from Polygon v2 and Avalanche v2 and extending it to Avalanche v3 to incentivize migration to v3. The community generally supports the proposal, but acknowledges the need to maintain v2 coverage due to its larger size, with the final decision likely to be determined through Snapshot votes.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal by TokenLogic to update the Safety Module (SM) coverage across the Aave Protocol on Polygon and Avalanche networks. The proposal aims to remove SM coverage from Polygon v2 and Avalanche v2 deployments and extend it to Avalanche v3. This is intended to encourage users to migrate from v2 to v3, given the decreasing market size on Avalanche and Polygon Aave v2 Protocol deployments. The proposal also includes a plan to initiate Snapshot votes for extending SM coverage to Avalanche v3 and removing it for Polygon v2 and Avalanche v2. However, it was clarified that the proposal does not include removing the SM coverage for the Ethereum v2 deployment1.

Several community members expressed their views on the proposal. 0xkeyrock.eth supported the proposal, seeing it as a positive move towards facilitating the transition from V2 to V32. ApuMallku suggested a re-evaluation of the need for Ethereum v2 to be part of the SM coverage, as a means to further incentivize migration to v33. However, EzR3aL highlighted that v2 is currently larger than v3 and still requires coverage4.

In conclusion, the community seems to be in favor of the proposal, with some suggestions for further incentivizing the transition to v3. However, there is also a recognition of the need to maintain coverage for v2 due to its current larger size. The final decision will likely be determined through Snapshot votes as proposed by TokenLogic.

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