[TEMP CHECK] Treasury Management - Create and Fund GHO Liquidity Committee

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TokenLogic proposed the creation of a GHO Liquidity Committee, funded by Aave DAO, to maintain GHO liquidity and peg stability in response to anticipated gauge vote shifts. The proposal, which includes representatives from TokenLogic, ACI, Paladin, Balancer, and DeFi Collective, has moved to Snapshot for voting and received community support, emphasizing the committee's role in ensuring GHO's stability.

The discussion revolves around a proposal by TokenLogic for the establishment of a GHO Liquidity Committee, funded by Aave DAO for an initial period of three months. The committee's formation is driven by the anticipated shift of gauge votes away from GHO liquidity pools due to the opportunity cost of not participating in the bribe market. The committee, consisting of seven signers, will focus on GHO liquidity and will be responsible for maintaining the GHO peg above 98.5 cents and 99.0 cents, and achieving target TVLs in GHO Pools on Maverick, Uniswap, and Balancer1.

The committee's weekly activities will be led and coordinated by TokenLogic, with members providing critical feedback, refining the strategy, and verifying and signing transactions. The initial funding for the committee includes 406,000 GHO for liquidity incentives and 5 ETH for gas, sourced from the Treasury. Any unused funds will be returned to the Treasury or used for the next iteration of the Liquidity Committee1. The committee's signers include representatives from TokenLogic, ACI, Paladin, Balancer, and DeFi Collective1.

The proposal has received support from various community members, including MarcZeller from ACI and TokenBrice from DeFi Collective. Questions were raised about the selection process for the committee's signatories, with 0xlide expressing hope for the committee's positive impact on GHO's stability3. The proposal has been moved to Snapshot for voting, which commenced on Sep 18, 2023, and concluded on Sep 21, 20235. The discussion indicates a general consensus on the importance of the Liquidity Committee in maintaining GHO's stability and the community's confidence in the proposed committee lineup.

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