[TEMP CHECK] Enhancing Asset Allocation and Investment Governance

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Dsshap, on behalf of Hashnote, proposed a structured framework for improving DAO's treasury management, including asset allocation, investment evaluation, and cross-over investments into traditional finance. The proposal is currently in the TEMP CHECK stage for discussion and consensus, with potential benefits including improved decision-making, transparency, and risk mitigation, but awaits necessary edits to comply with the ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework.

In an effort to enhance the DAO's treasury management efficiency, Dsshap proposed a structured framework for asset allocation and investment evaluation. The proposal, presented on behalf of Hashnote, a regulated institutional-grade gateway and investment firm specializing in DeFi, includes the establishment of an entity to facilitate cross-over investments into traditional finance, a rubric for evaluating asset allocations, and a scoring rubric for investment evaluation1. The proposal is currently at the TEMP CHECK stage, intended to stimulate discussion and consensus on a general direction.

The implementation process is expected to unfold in three separate proposals, each corresponding to the objectives outlined. The benefits of this approach include improved decision-making, transparency, accountability, risk mitigation, and a framework for future growth1. Questions about the timeline for implementation were raised by Duyquang062. 0xkeyrock.eth supported the proposal, suggesting that the DAO needs to discuss and align on potential entity structures before proceeding with Real World Assets (RWAs) and proposed additional metrics for evaluation3.

However, the discussion was temporarily closed by MarcZeller, who requested that the proposal be updated to follow the ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework4. The community awaits the necessary edits for the discussion to continue. The proposal represents a significant step towards structured and efficient treasury management within the DAO.

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