[TEMP CHECK] Treasury Management - Swap B-80BAL-20wETH to GHO

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TokenLogic proposed to replenish Aave DAO's stable coin holdings by swapping B-80BAL-20wETH for 420,000 GHO, following the purchase of AURA from Olympus DAO. The proposal, which involved using the Aave Swap Contract, was put to a community vote via a Snapshot, emphasizing the active participation of the community in Aave DAO's financial decisions.

The discussion primarily revolved around a proposal put forth by TokenLogic to replenish the Aave DAO's stable coin holdings. This was necessitated by the recent acquisition of 443,674 units of AURA from Olympus DAO, which was purchased using 420,159.28 units of DAI. The proposal suggested a swap of B-80BAL-20wETH for 420,000 GHO. The process would involve the use of a version of the Aave Swap Contract to facilitate the transfer of B-80BAL-20wETH from the Treasury to the Aave Swap Contract, followed by a swap to GHO, and finally, the transfer of GHO to the Ethereum Treasury.

TokenLogic, who is a delegate within the Aave ecosystem and aspires to become an Aave DAO Service Provider, clarified that they receive no payment from Aave DAO or any external source for the creation of this proposal. The proposal was later updated to reflect the final DAI amount used to acquire AURA, and the asset to be acquired was changed from USDC to GHO.

To facilitate community participation, a Snapshot was created and voting was scheduled to start on Sep 18, 2023, and conclude on Sep 21, 2023. The discussion thus revolved around the strategic financial management within the Aave DAO, with the community actively participating in decision-making processes.

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