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The Aave Community is debating a proposal by TokenLogic to become a service provider, focusing on Aave DAO finances and GHO adoption, despite concerns about cost and scope. Suggestions include a competitive bidding or RFP process to ensure value, and TokenLogic has amended their proposal to accommodate potential future changes.

The Aave Community has been engaged in a robust discussion regarding the proposal by TokenLogic to onboard their team as a service provider. The team, which has been contributing to the Aave Protocol since mid-2020, aims to focus on Aave DAO finances and support GHO adoption. Their key focus areas include Treasury Management, GHO Liquidity/Incentives Management, Financial Reporting, Supporting GHO Adoption, and Safety Module Improvements. They have also developed an analytics platform to provide near live revenue data stream for each asset reserve on supported networks, with the first initiative being the GHO dashboard1.

The proposal has received a mixed response from the community. While many members, including Oneski22, OriN, and Mikeimp, have expressed strong support for the proposal, citing TokenLogic's professionalism and dedication, others have raised concerns about the cost and broad scope of the proposal. Hazbobo and Benhoneill have suggested that TokenLogic should be more specific in their scope and charge less initially. They also proposed comparing offerings against other major industry players before voting on the proposal 5,6.

The discussion has also touched on the potential role of TokenLogic as a service provider for the DAO. Some members, such as Benhoneill and 0xkeyrock.eth, have suggested a competitive bidding process for the work, which would validate TokenLogic's suitability for the role. Others, like JackPurdy_Messari and Hazbobo, have proposed an RFP process to ensure maximum value and best price 6,7,8,9.

In response to the feedback, TokenLogic has amended their proposal to cater for the emergence of a potential RFP process in the future. They have adjusted their upfront transfer and stream, and stated that if the RFP process is adopted, their reward stream will be cancelled or amended in line with any future work scope19.

In conclusion, while the community acknowledges the contributions of TokenLogic to the Aave DAO, there are concerns about the cost and broad scope of their proposal. The discussion is ongoing, with suggestions for a competitive bidding or RFP process to ensure maximum value and best price. The outcome of this discussion will shape the future role of TokenLogic within the Aave DAO.

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