Curve Sustainability

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The discussion focused on the sustainability of Curve in the DEFI market, with concerns about the impact of ongoing CRV wars on market liquidity and the need for a new market catalyst. The conversation ended without consensus, indicating ongoing uncertainty about Curve's future and the overall DEFI market.

The discussion primarily revolved around the sustainability of Curve in the context of the entire DEFI market. A significant concern raised by FumoffuXx was the ongoing CRV wars and their impact on the market's liquidity. They pointed out that the liquidity seems to be drying up, and the interest in the CRV emission through bribes is also on a downward trend1.

This concern was further compounded by the question of what the potential next catalyst for the market could be. The discussion did not seem to reach a consensus on this point, leaving it as an open-ended question for future deliberation. The overall tone of the discussion suggested a sense of uncertainty about the future of Curve and the DEFI market as a whole.

In conclusion, the topic highlighted the need for a new catalyst to stimulate the DEFI market and raised questions about the sustainability of Curve amidst the ongoing CRV wars. The discussion ended without a clear resolution, indicating that these concerns remain a significant focus for the community.

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