Introducing 'Kandel-AAVE' by MangroveDAO: An On-Chain Market Making Strategy Sourcing Liquidity from AAVE

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Mangrove's Head of Marketing & Communications, Bryce_gabari, introduced two new on-chain market-making strategies, Kandel and Kandel-AAVE, designed for instant reposting of offers and sourcing liquidity from AAVE respectively. Both strategies, set for testing on the Polygon Testnet, invite feedback from the AAVE community, indicating a collaborative development approach.

The discussion was initiated by Bryce_gabari, the Head of Marketing & Communications at Mangrove, who introduced two new on-chain market-making strategies, Kandel and Kandel-AAVE. Mangrove, an on-chain order book DEX, allows liquidity providers to post arbitrary smart contracts as offers. The Kandel strategy is designed to use on-chain order flow to repost offers instantly on the Mangrove order book. This strategy focuses on the interaction between buyers and sellers, with profits being made through the spread.

The Kandel-AAVE strategy, however, sources its liquidity from AAVE, which allows it to accrue additional yield. Both of these strategies are set to be available on the Polygon Testnet in the coming weeks. Bryce_gabari has invited the AAVE community to provide feedback on these strategies1. This invitation for feedback suggests an open and collaborative approach to the development and refinement of these strategies.

In conclusion, the discussion centered around the introduction of two new on-chain market-making strategies by Mangrove. The strategies, Kandel and Kandel-AAVE, each have unique features and are set to be tested on the Polygon Testnet. The AAVE community has been invited to provide feedback, indicating a collaborative approach to their development.

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